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Portable Washable Lint Remover

Portable Washable Lint Remover

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A washable pet hair remover is a convenient tool designed to remove pet hair from furniture, carpets, clothing, and other surfaces. It typically features a sticky or textured surface that effectively lifts and traps pet hair when rubbed against the target area. Unlike disposable lint rollers or adhesive tapes, washable pet hair removers can be cleaned and reused multiple times, making them a more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. After use, the pet hair remover can be washed with water and mild soap to remove the collected hair and restore its stickiness for future use. This makes it a practical and efficient tool for pet owners looking to keep their homes free of pet hair.

Product Information:
Color: Yellow, green
Material: PP plastic + synthetic rubber
Size: Large: 20.5*12CM Small: 12*3.5*4CM

Packing list:
Hair Adhesive X2PCS

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