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Inflatable Water Spray Tank for Pool and Beach

Inflatable Water Spray Tank for Pool and Beach

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An inflatable water spray tank is a fun and interactive accessory that adds excitement to pool and beach activities. This inflatable toy typically features a tank design that can be filled with water and connected to a hose for spraying water. It often includes multiple spray nozzles or a sprinkler system that creates a refreshing and playful water fountain effect.

Made from durable, puncture-resistant materials, inflatable water spray tanks are designed to withstand splashing and rough play. They are easy to set up and inflate, providing hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. Some models may also include built-in handles or anchors to keep the tank in place while in use.

Whether you're looking to cool off on a hot day or add an element of fun to your pool or beach party, an inflatable water spray tank is a versatile and enjoyable accessory that enhances the water play experience.


Product information:
Color: green
Material: environmentally friendly PVC
Specification: 155*111 * 60CM

Packing list:

Inflatable water spray tank * 1pc


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