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Grilling Metal Basket

Grilling Metal Basket

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A metal grill basket is a versatile cooking accessory for outdoor grilling. It typically features a sturdy metal construction with perforations or a mesh design that allows heat and smoke to circulate around the food while preventing small items from falling through the grill grates. Grill baskets are ideal for cooking small or delicate foods like vegetables, seafood, and diced meats that might otherwise be difficult to grill directly on the grates. They come in various shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, and round, to accommodate different types of food and grill sizes. Using a metal grill basket can help you achieve evenly cooked, flavorful dishes with minimal effort.

Product Information:
Shape: Round
Material: Iron wire
Size: 30 * 10 * 10 with hook, 20 * 10 * 10 with hook (cm)

Style details:
Set: 1*20x10x10cm BBQ net, 1* BBQ brush, 1 pair * BBQ gloves
Set A: 2*30x10x10cm BBQ net, 1 pair * BBQ gloves, 1* cooking oil spray bottle

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