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Finger Gripper Hand Strengthener Tool

Finger Gripper Hand Strengthener Tool

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Elevate your hand strength and dexterity with our Finger Gripper Hand Strengthener Tool! Designed for guitar players, patients in recovery, and anyone looking to enhance their finger strength, this versatile tool offers 6 adjustable resistance levels to accommodate various fitness levels and rehabilitation needs. Whether you're recovering from an injury or aiming to improve your finger agility for musical pursuits, our Finger Gripper is a compact and efficient way to achieve your goals. Grab hold of better hand health and strength with this essential exercise tool.

Product Name: Finger Exerciser
Material: Silicone
Resistant level: 6.6LB, 8.8LB, 11LB, 13LB, 17LB, 21LB
Color: Black + Gray


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