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Cranberry Hummingbird Feeder Gardening Supplies

Cranberry Hummingbird Feeder Gardening Supplies

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A cranberry hummingbird feeder is an attractive and functional addition to your gardening supplies, designed to attract and nourish hummingbirds. It typically features a vibrant cranberry-colored reservoir that holds nectar, enticing birds with its bright hue. The feeder includes multiple feeding ports and perches, allowing several hummingbirds to feed simultaneously. Made from durable, weather-resistant materials, it ensures long-lasting use and easy maintenance. Some models may also include built-in ant moats or bee guards to protect the nectar. Easy to fill and clean, a cranberry hummingbird feeder adds beauty to your garden while supporting local wildlife.

1.Beautiful Hummingbird Feeder: This beautiful hummingbird feeder is handcrafted in a vine and berry concept. The red berries help attract hummingbirds to these feeders.
2.Easy to Clean: A transparent bowl fits securely in a copper coil. The jar design limits bees and dripping and is also easy to clean.
3.Actual Function: The end of the vine bends back around to provide a perch. These feeders will be made as they are ordered. The feeders may vary a little as each is handmade.
4.Using Tips: Please be careful when opening the small box containing the jar and the lid. It’s very important to own a feeder that you can easily clean to keep your hummingbirds healthy.
5.Warm note: Please check the bird feeder once a week and wash it regularly with mild soap and water solution.

Material: Stainless steel
Body Type: Medium
Specifications: water feeder

Package Content:
1 x Outdoor Metal Bird Feeder


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