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Camping emergency camouflage sleeping bag

Camping emergency camouflage sleeping bag

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A camouflage sleeping bag is designed to blend into natural surroundings, making it ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and military use. These sleeping bags typically feature a camouflage pattern on the exterior fabric, which helps conceal the user in forested or wilderness environments. They are constructed with durable, weather-resistant materials to provide protection against the elements. The insulation inside the sleeping bag ensures warmth and comfort in various temperature conditions. Many models include additional features such as a hood for added warmth, a zippered closure for easy access, and pockets for storing small items. Camouflage sleeping bags come in different sizes and temperature ratings to accommodate various needs and preferences.


Fabric:170T polyester silk spinning camouflage sizing 
Lining:170T polyester spinning sizing cloth 
Color: Army Green Camouflage 
Size:(180+30) *75cm


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